Bookkeeper (Part-Time) (Bensonhurst Corps)


The Bookkeeper is responsible to calculate, maintain and manage all financial transactions of the Senior Center and Corp.


  • Setting up new vendor process; obtaining all necessary documents (ACH form, voided checks & W9 form)
  • Ensure all purchases follow our tax-exempt policies and set up with new vendors if needed (Gathering all invoice approvals from DHQ as needed)
  • Handle all Petty Cash transactions and weekly money calculations with Assistant Director
  • Prepare bank deposit slips and make bank deposits as needed.
  • Verify with Administrative Officer if invoices match with what was ordered or serviced
  • Prepare all monthly and quarterly financial reports, income packets and expense packet, etc
  • Monitoring and updating the Corporate Credit Card transactions and printing monthly activity reports.
  • Prepare Sunday cartridge income reports, money calculations and year end cartridge reports.
  • Writing receipts, collection of cash & checks and maintain accuracy of Safeguard receipt book
  • Prepare the Senior Feeding Packet in absence of Office Administrative Officer or Corp Officer
  • Assist in counting all miscellaneous cash in the senior center (small kettles)
  • Invoicing vendors and clients
  • Assist in all financials related to Kettle Income (counting & entering kettle income and preparing kettle reports)
  • Overseeing all bills and expenses are paid on time
  • Maintaining an organized filing system
  • Assist in reviewing and computing the yearly budget
  • All other duties as deemed necessary and appropriate by Corp Officer


  • Willing to work under pressure
  • Willing to work with people and have initiative, creative and compassionate heart
  • College degree or high degree required (relating to accounting, finance, bookkeeping or related field)
  • Must be able to read, write, and communicate in English and Chinese
  • Have Basic Computer Skills and competency with software such as Microsoft Office & Excel, appropriate desktop application, and is familiar with computer and printer hardware.
  • Must have prior experience with finance, bookkeeping or accounting field
  • Must have ability to work and relate well with people, consisting of individuals with various age, experience, competency, and cultural background.
  • Must be available to work various shifts corresponding to Corps hours of operation

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