Cake Decorator – Baskin Robbins

Company Details


We are looking for Passionate artist that can design cakes and has great availability.

Experienced in sheet cake decorating. Specialty cakes/character cakes. Must be able to deliver a great customer experience. Work well with others in a very fast paced environment.

About Dunkin’

Anju Donuts is a fun place to work, where you will enjoy and learn lots of great things that helps further build your career while giving you a wonderful experience of filling up positivity and Energy in our guests with our delicious beverage selections. I want to thank you for choosing Anju Donuts as your place of employment, while you have many other choices, you choose us. Throughout your journey, we will ensure you have clear communication of the expectation, provided you with proper training so you’re successful in your role and, be thankful for your services. We have few non negotiables that makes us a choice for our guests in the community and they are: Hospitality (Be friendly to guest), Fast Service (we understand guest are in rush and we value their time by providing fast service), Quality drinks and food (we use Dunkin buildout process to provide consistent quality drinks and food at all times), Clean Restaurant (we keep it clean just as we keep our home cleans when guests are visiting ). Please feel free to discuss any questions you have with your manager, and if at anytime you feel there is need to speak with someone else in Management, you can always email me at: [email protected] I always value your feedback.


Flexible hours

Ability to expand and serve multiple locations of ours

Health insurance/ Benefits

Fun working environment


Flexible Schedule as long as cake orders get completed.


Design cakes for Ready to sell cakes for Walk IN guest.

Design any online order cakes

Most of our cakes are premade just need to be decorated

Pay: Up to $15 per hour

Job types: Full-time, Part-time

Work location: On-site

To apply for this job please visit