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This is a brief description of duties expected when working as a cashier. The duties listed below do not limit the scope of your responsibilities as a cashier. You may be expected to perform other related front of house (FOH) duties upon request by manager or team members.

  • Cashier In at the beginning of shift and cashier out at end of shift

o Keep receipts from credit cards and take-out orders in an organized manner.

  • Turn on Take Out Tablets and put orders through POS:

o Postmates and Grubhub

o Make sure tablets are charged.

  • Manage transactions with customers using our point of sales (POS) system.

o Take customers’ orders

o Repeat the order back to the customer

o Handle payments appropriately. Cash, credit and debit cards.

o All credit and debit card transaction MUST have a signed receipt.

o If you need to do a pay out or a refund let your manager know. Payouts MUST have receipt attached.

  • Greet customers and inform them of specials
  • Up sell:

o “Would you like a drink with that?”

o “Would you like to make that a combination?”

o “Would you like to try our…?”

  • Stock station with all necessary supplies.

o Forks, knives, napkins, ect.

o Sodas, water, beer and wine beverages.

  • Help your food runner out during down time.

o Ask them what they need help with. This can include packaging salsas and other prepping.

*Always wash hands before touching food*

  • Maintain a clean work station

o Organize shelves under the register

o Wipe down counters

o Sweep and mop

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