Client Services Representative Assistant

Job Summary:
Perform intake and return for walk-in clients; be knowledgeable of all GIA services; and provide exceptional customer service.
Key Responsibilities:
In addition to the responsibilities of L2 Client Services Representative Assistant:
  • Engage with clients and assist with appropriate services for stones being submitted
    • Detailed knowledge of service requirements; fee schedule, rush services and return times
  • Perform intake and return, sort and organize stones in accordance with procedures
  • Train and engage clients to online self-service tools for account and stone management (MyLab & Client Portal)
  • Facilitate the Pre-process stone cycle; send results
  • Assist clients with questions from general phone queue
  • Understand and communicate accounting requirements and limitations
    • Assist clients with accepted methods of payments, invoices, statements, etc.
  • Resolve routine problems (e.g. delays, mistakes) by troubleshooting, determining root cause and identifying the most appropriate response (coordinates with others to expedite solutions as needed)
  • Coordinate with other departments to resolve issues to ensure client satisfaction
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor or as per business needs
  • Follow defined procedures/guidelines to perform job (Searchlight); complete tasks through application of detailed procedural knowledge of many different varied processes and methods
  • Understand and leverage Salesforce for client information and account details
  • Use judgement to select appropriate action from defined procedures using common sense and prior experience of handling similar situations; seek help from GSRs for troubleshooting complex technical questions
  • Ability to suggest solutions for specific situations with guidance from management (e.g. account credits)
  • GIA reputation is impacted if clients receive inaccurate information/services
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs):
  • Sound knowledge and application of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Proficiency in GIA proprietary systems (Spectrum, Salesforce, Searchlight, MyLaboratory, etc.)
  • Sound knowledge of key GIA people and their roles in production functions
  • Proficiency in functional department Standard Operating Procedures
  • Proficiency in Lab production workflows
  • Thorough understanding of GIA policies and procedures
  • Solid problem-solving abilities: identify problems and fix or escalate as required; fact finding to determine the best approach to solve the problems; learn to apply basic analytical thinking to clarify issues
  • Communication skills: Strong communication skills to answer clients clearly; ability to write routine reports and correspondence
  • Client-service skills: Solid skills to retain clients by handling client queries and complaints in a helpful and professional manner
  • Interpersonal skills: Create positive interactions with clients; client orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of situations and characters
  • Patience: Always maintain a professional image; be polite and have good amount of stress tolerance, especially when interacting with difficult or irate clients
  • Motivated/take initiative: Identify opportunities for improvements in processes or efficiencies and new approaches for existing processes and communicate these observations to management; cross-trained in other functions/areas
  • Actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain positive and collaborative working relationship with others and peers and reconcile difference of opinions with others and peers
Supervision / Autonomy / Authority:
Work under general supervision with few direct instructions on day-to-day tasks.
Education / Training / Experience Requirements:
Typically require High School Diploma and 2+ years of related experience within GIA or minimum 6 months experience as a level 2 or equivalent. AJP preferred.

Disclaimer: This job description indicates in general terms, the type and level of work performed as well as the typical responsibilities of employees in this classification and it may be changed by management at any time. Other duties may also apply. Nothing in this job description changes the at-will employment relationship existing between the Company and its employees.

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