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The Site Contract Administrator (CA) is the site leadership position that holds accountable for the overall direction and coordination of all on site contracting activity. The role is appointed to one person at the site; the role is not divided across several people at a site. The Site CA is expected to lead by FELT leadership, demonstrating an active commitment for the safe operation of our facilities, protection of our environment, and the safety and well-being of all people, on-site and in the surrounding community.

The Site CA is accountable and responsible for ensuring that contract administration policies and procedures are documented and that all CA and Field Contract Administrator (“FCA”) personnel involved in the contract administration process receive the appropriate level of training on an annual basis. The site CA is also responsible to ensure that all plant personnel are knowledgeable of and comply with Site Contract Administration procedures, S39G, corporate and Site CA COTs as they pertain to on site contracted services.

This position ensures that the site contract administration process follows corporate standards and internal control requirements. The Site CA ensures an adequately staffed organization is in place to provide the needed support and oversight of all on site contractor activities, as well as leading in the development and implementation of the site Contracting Strategy. The Site CA leads the six step process for contractor safety and verifies receipt of services. The Site CA has functional responsibility for other CAs and FCAs on site.

A Site CA can successfully manage approximately 100 contracts and contractor companies. Consideration should be given to utilize a second CA if contracts exceed that number and/or there is significant capital project activity warranting a dedicated CA.

Site CA should develop a team to assist with the development and implementation of S39G 6-Step process and contract administration processes.

CA team should consist of the following personnel:

o Site CA – lead

o FCAs and CAs

o Plant/Site Manger (only for final meeting and approval documents)

o EHS resource

o Operations

o Maintenance

o Engineers

o Sourcing (may not be from the same country or site and SMEs as needed

The Site CA is accountable for the following:

Systems and documents

  • Develop site procedures that outline how the contracting process is managed and defines the roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the contract administration process
  • Integrate local laws and regulations into DuPont contract administration processes related to safety, health and environment and other employment standards
  • Leads the development, implementation and annual review of:

o Site Contracting Strategy

o Contractor Safety Plan

o Site Conditions document

o Contractor orientation

o 1st party workplace inspection processes

o Step-6 contract evaluation process

Safety audit/inspections

  • Site CA is accountable for contractor safety
  • Conducts S11Y/S39G 1ST Party audit per corporate schedule
  • Actively participates in 2nd Party Audits

o follows up to ensure all necessary findings from the 2nd party audit and CA/CS assessment are rectified in a timely manner

  • Develops safety audit program/schedule focusing only on contractor’s activities as follows:

o High Risk Activities (HRA)

o Routine activities e.g. maintenance, delivery etc.

o Ad hoc activity

o Shutdown/Turnaround

o Capital projects (minor projects)

  • The safety audit program should also include site leadership walks.
  • Liaises with project team and attends contractor EPC/EPCM joint safety audits.
  • Ensures completion of corrective actions for audit and workplace inspection findings

  • Attend the site CA training conducted by CA CoE
  • Provide oversight and conduct training of other Contract Administrators and Field Contract Administrators on site
  • Attend webinars and ensure the FCA attends
  • Ensure site has a requirement for annual contractor safety orientation and the course meets corporate guidelines

  • Hold monthly meetings with site leadership to highlight challenges, issues & solutions
  • Share contractor related incidents broadly to contractors
  • Communicate changes from the safety plan (after annual review) to contractors
  • Seek regular feedback from contractors on how to improve safety performance
  • Attend the monthly CA/CS network meetings and cascade the information to site personnel accordingly.
  • Adhere to DuPont Core Values throughout contracting process
  • Participate in training on co-management and learn to recognize and manage co-management issues
  • Implement six-step process for contractor safety

o Contractor prequalification process including variance process

o Bid package development including site conditions and scope development

o Managing the bid cycle and contract award process with Procurement. Site CA to collaborate with Sourcing at all times.

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