• Personnel Management

A. Managing teachers, teacher assistants and aides.

B. Conduct informal/ formal observations. Provide written feedback of


C. Monitor instructional staff daily, creating class schedules and plans.

D. Provide coaching to teachers on instructional practice and classroom


E. Involvement in planning and implementation of professional

development training for staff.

F. Support with hiring of staff.

G. Assume responsibility when the Director is not present.

H. Keep track of school supplies and equipment.

I. Meet with the Director weekly.

J. Meet with Admin & support staff for weekly meetings.

11. Service Programming

A. Ensure curriculum is developmentally appropriate.

B. Ensure the curriculum meets the individual needs of the children.

C. Ensure classrooms have necessary supplies and equipment to provide

for student’s educational needs.

D. Support teachers with tracking and monitoring student data.

E. Assume responsibility of instructing a classroom when Teacher or

Teacher Assistant is absent or as needed.

111. Parent Involvement

A. Monitor and encourage parent involvement through parent meetings and training.

B. Ensure daily contact between families and school.

C. Provide workshops and training for parents.

1V. Public Relations

A. Conduct tours of the school with prospective students’ families.

B. Be Involved in outreach efforts to ensure full enrollment.

  • Other responsibilities that the Director will assign to you.
  • Master’s degree in Education or in a Master’s program

  • New York State Certified Teacher, and eligible School Building Leader certification

  • Experience in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, at least 2 years

  • Some experience as an Assistant Principal or Dean of Instruction