Middle School Math Teacher (22-23 SY)

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Company Description

Pharos Academy Charter School is a K-12 urban public education institution that prepares Bronx students for success in college and the innovation economy.

Job Description

Teacher Vision

Pharos Academy Charter School is looking for a teacher who is an “uber” kid person. The ideal candidate absolutely loves to teach, train, and push students both academically as well as behaviorally. There is an understanding that messing up and failure is a natural and welcomed part of the learning process. In this teacher’s classroom, all students are treated with dignity at all times and students are taught non-academic skills like hard work, collaboration, kindness, and receiving feedback.

In addition to being a kid person, the ideal candidate has a penchant for planning, preparation, using data, and being pushed to excellence. This teacher understands that what happens before students enter the classroom (intellectual preparation) drives what happens in the classroom and ultimately determines student achievement and success levels.

Teacher Performance Outcomes

  • At minimum, 75% of all students will reach proficiency (level 3 or 4) in Mathematics as measured by internal interim assessments as well as state assessments.
  • At minimum, 33% of all students will exceed proficiency (level 4) in Mathematics as measured by New York State Math assessment.
  • At minimum, 90% of students show growth in mathematics as measured by the NWEA assessment.
  • At minimum, 75% of students will show proficiency in problem-solving as measured by internal performance tasks.
  • Teacher will score proficient in classroom management and youth development as measured by student referral numbers, suspensions, and internal measurement tools.

Core Competencies of Strong Applicants (New and Experienced)

  • Commitment to daily and long-term instructional planning and preparation to ensure students get the most out of each class.
  • Commitment and drive to constantly learn and improve practice through implementing feedback from instructional leadership, peers, parents, and students to better serve and meet the needs of all students.
  • Commitment to using data to improve short-term and long-term student achievement goals.
  • Full accountability for student academic outcomes and classroom culture and a steadfast belief that all students can achieve.
  • Commitment to being a team player (crew member) and belief in Pharos Academy’s core beliefs and educational viewpoint.


  • Bachelor’s degree in education or Mathematics related field of study with a minimum grade point average of 2.50 overall.
  • Strong conceptual understanding of K-8 mathematics and how topics connect to the real-world.
  • Experience working with school-aged children in an academic or youth development setting.
  • Experienced teachers must show a proven track record of achievement in the classroom.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Super competitive salary that is based on performance driving student outcomes. Starting salary for new teachers begins at $70,000.
  • Performance bonuses ($7500 – $15,000) for high-performing teachers who meet or exceed instructional goals.
  • 401k plan with employer matching of 5 percent.
  • Benefits package including Medical, Dental, Vision, and optional Life Insurance
  • All staff members are issued a laptop computer and have access to a wide range of instructional technology.
  • Teachers are reimbursed up to $250 for classroom expenditures.

Teacher Support and Development

  • Weekly one on one coaching that includes classroom observations and instructional meetings.
  • Weekly school-wide professional development where you learn from the instructional leadership team and your colleagues.
  • Summer Professional Development Institute.

Additional Information

Pharos Academy is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for all teachers and staff members. As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.

To apply for this job please visit www.indeed.com.