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**SIGN ON BONUS AVAILABLE** Progressive LTC facility that’s looking for dedicated Nurses for days, evenings and weekends to supervise and manage the nursing staff, direct and evaluate the care delivery system in the facility and report all pertinent information and occurrences to the DON/ADON. To perform all duties in accordance with all State and Federal guidelines and within the standards of acceptable nursing practice (NJ Practice Act). Reports to: DON/ADON

Workers Supervised: LPNs, CNAS


  • Graduate from accredited school of nursing, current licensure with

State Board of Nursing Examiners.

  • Must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of self or others in the work place.
  • Must be able to speak, read, and write the English language.


1. Aware of all pertinent aspects related to resident’s health and welfare.

2. Promotes a positive attitude towards nursing staff and sets an example of professionalism through dress, courtesy, compassion

and caring.

3. Completes nursing services staffing schedules, utilizing staffing to correct status without incurring overtime to the best of his/her ability

4. Verbally communicates with supervisor on other shifts to ensure the

continuity and effectiveness of planned care.

5. Responds to staff concerns and counsels them as needed.

6. Instructs, motivates and supervises nursing department staff.

7. Reviews all new and readmissions, including assessments, MDS and

care plans.

8. Makes daily rounds, visits with, interviews when appropriate and

physically assesses residents to ensure the effectiveness of care


9. Utilizes the 24 hour report sheets and care plans during change of

shift reports and follows through on pertinent notations.

10. Reports daily and PRN to the DON or his/her designee pertinent

factors that involve residents and/or facility personnel.

11. Is responsible to fully document all changes in resident’s condition including assessment and communication with other disciplines and outcome of actions as they pertain to the resident.

12. Greet and escort re-admissions and new admissions to their

designated units and rooms.

13. Must do physical assessment on re-admissions and new


14. Evaluates care and job performance to insure that the planned

interventions produce positive resident care outcomes.

15. Completes special assignments as requested by DON/ADON, i.e.

quality assurance studies that enhance resident quality of life on the

care unit.

16. Assumes responsibility, when necessary, to notify physician and

family of changes in resident condition according to facility policy

17. Assumes licensed staff nurse position on unit when required.

18. Assumes other nursing related tasks as designated by the Director

of Nursing.

19. Performs other nursing related duties as required.

20. Contacts DON/ADON on call to communicate any concerns or

emergencies in the facility,

21. Attends supervisor meetings as scheduled

22. Notify Social Services via phone extension (7724) or via e-mail

regarding any suspected cases of abuse and/or missing items (i.e. dentures, hearing aides, glasses, etc.)


The supervisor should be aware that tasks and duties which place the employee at risk for exposure to certain diseases include but are not limited to:

  • Giving injections
  • Handling contaminated syringes
  • Glucometer sticks
  • Dressing changes
  • Catheter insertion and changes
  • Catheter irrigations
  • Oral suctioning
  • Application of steri-strips
  • Emergency examination of lacerations
  • Straight catheterization for specimens or retention
  • GT reinsertion
  • GT irrigation
  • Handling of soiled linen
  • Disposal of infectious waste
  • Handling soiled trays
  • Emptying foley bags
  • Instillation of eye drops
  • Mouth care and hygiene
  • Cutting nails . Perineal care
  • Repairing/changing equipment
  • Handling soiled equipment
  • Bathing residents


  • Must be in good physical and mental health
  • Constant standing and walking.
  • Essential to practice good body mechanics while turning and lifting residents, stooping, bending and stretching.
  • Needs finger and hand dexterity to handle equipment and to write communications.
  • Needs visual and hearing acuity to detect changes in resident condition.
  • Needs ability to comprehend and communicate with staff, residents and families.
  • Must have ability to handle stress in crisis situations.


  • Conducts herself or himself in a manner that is professionally respectful, brings dignity to the profession of nursing, avoids any untoward aspersion that would discredit his or her professional standing, and projects a professional attitude about the corporation, facility, residents, fellow employees, superiors, subordinates, and policies of the facility and the profession that is honorable and praiseworthy.
  • Organizes herself or himself so that his/her time is governed properly, with the residents in mind, and according to facility practices and expectations. Maintains confidentiality about resident and management privacy issues in accordance with professional expectations and the standard practice in the industry. Maintain ethical attitudes at all times in dealings with residents, resident families, visitors, business associates, colleagues, and


  • Demonstrates motivation in professional growth.
  • Participates in and completes in-service training per requirements and policy of the company.


  • Must have a genuine interest in geriatric nursing.
  • Willingness to work with realization that incompetence and errors

may have serious consequences for residents.

  • Understanding, patience, and tact in dealing with the infirm, chronic or acutely ill residents.

• Tact and courtesy in dealing with • residents, sponsors, families and visitors.

  • Ability to maintain good working relationships with personnel of unit and with nursing staff.
  • Memory for details.
  • Alertness and skill in recognizing and identifying symptoms, and initiative and judgment in selecting proper treatment for unusual or unfavorable conditions.
  • Resourcefulness in emergency situations.
  • Works under supervision.
  • Good physical and mental health. Finger and hand dexterity to handle and manipulate instruments and equipment.
  • Visual and aural acuity to detect changes in resident condition.
  • Works under close supervision of the DON/ADON.


Maintain resident confidentiality, treat residents with kindness, dignity, and respect. Know and comply with Resident’s Rights Rules.

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