Operations Supervisor (Job Coach) Houston, TX Deseret Industries

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Job Summary •Store Associate Leadership•This role serves to lead, manage, and mentor store associates, who are disadvantaged for myriad reasons including those with barriers to employment. The Supervisor, Retail Operations leads the critical …. Additional Details

Please Note: All positions are subject to close without notice.

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Only members of the Church who are worthy of a temple recommend qualify for employment. Apart from this, the Church is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its employment decisions on any basis that would violate U.S. or local law.

Qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, national origin, color, gender, pregnancy, marital status, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or other legally protected categories that apply to the Church. The Church will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities.


  • Store Associate Leadership
  • This role serves to lead, manage, and mentor store associates, who are disadvantaged for myriad reasons including those with barriers to employment. The Supervisor, Retail Operations leads the critical functions of developing store associates to find and gain meaningful employment and to coordinate vocational rehabilitation counseling needs with Development Counseling Services. Success is determined by store associate outplacement, staffing, and maintaining operational excellence.
  • Store Operations
  • The Supervisor, Retail Operations leads operation functions training and development of store associates, store openings and closures, and performance management. Interfaces with public to drive customer satisfaction, sales, and lead successful interaction with store associates and customers.


Associate stewardship:

  • Lead and supervise 12-25 store associates who may have a wide range of disabilities or other circumstances that are a barrier to achieving self-reliance.
  • Schedule and coordinate store associate plan of care with Development Counseling Services.
  • Implement behavior management techniques with associates to drive performance including deescalation strategies.
  • Manage store associate training program including schedule, time management and soft skills.
  • Leads store associate team in areas including retail sales and merchandising, complex warehouse operations, and the logistics of a donation center.
  • Schedule and manage the balance of advanced skills training and operations for store associates.
  • Manage and coordinate vocational plan for each associate in concert with Development Counseling Services.
  • Maintain confidential database of current work and productivity behaviors for assigned associates.

Ready-For-Work Program:

  • Instruct, monitor, and provide frequent feedback to store associates related to critical work standards including time and attendance, communication and leadership skills, honesty, reliability, and following instructions.
  • Provide weekly assessments of work behaviors and quarterly evaluations.
  • Drive improvements in behavior and productivity using data from observations.
  • Give crucial input to individual development plans for each associate.

Store Operations:

  • Supervise retail store operations in various departments including merchandising, inventory, and donation processing.
  • Provide expertise with complex customer needs regarding policies, pricing, and donations.
  • Supervise logistics of the donation center including supplies, product flow, staffing, heavy equipment, and customer service.
  • Make immediate judgments regarding hazardous donations according to OSHA guidelines and store policies.
  • Oversee safety protocols and respond to incidents.
  • Manage point-of-sale (POS) operations including cash handling, Welfare vouchers, and processing deposits.
  • Supervises teams of cashiers in cash management to ensure internal controls compliance.
  • Partner with management to ensure compliance to store standards.

People Management Responsibilities:

  • Will regularly supervise the work of store associates.
  • Will provide suggestions and recommendations as to hiring, firing, advancement, promotion, or any other change of status of employees under their supervision.



  • Bachelor’s degree in business, education, social work, or related field. Or an equivalent level of education and experience.


  • Three years’ experience in training, education, or business settings including retail, warehouse, or customer service operations. Or, an equivalent level of education and experience.
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching, training, and/or supervision
  • Ability to regularly lift 50 pounds, walk, and stand for long periods of time. Able to bend, twist, and climb as needed.
  • Strong customer service experience and ability to interface successfully with diverse demographics of people.

Demonstrated Skills and Abilities

  • Strong written and oral communication ability.
  • Ability to give clear and concise direction and follow through with delegated assignments
  • Hold direct reports accountable
  • See and implement solutions to challenges
  • Ability to lead and supervise team(s) of store associates who may have barriers to employment
  • Implement data-driven decisions and solutions.
  • Interface with technology including computers, MS Software, and PCS/Inventory systems.

Role Complexities

  • Leading store associates successfully while managing store operations.
  • Responsible to achieve key performance indicators while managing constant store associate turnover.
  • Prioritize store associate vocational plan with Development Counseling Services while driving store operations.
  • Negotiate successfully with multiple layers of management to develop and mentor store associates and increase customer service efforts.

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