Radiation Oncology Veterinary Technician

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Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

It is the responsibility of the Radiation Oncology Veterinary Technician (VT) to give responsible and compassionate care to all GCVS patients. They are responsible for monitoring and treating patients, and keeping detailed records during hospitalization. A VT must have good communication skills with the doctors, CSTs, CPCs, VAs, and other VTs in order to perform the work as delegated and produce quality results. Cleaning and stocking of all common areas is a daily activity that is required to maintain the standard level of care required at GCVS. This position requires a dependable, high energy person who can handle multiple tasks at one time as well as a high stress, fast-paced environment. Radiation Oncology Veterinary Technicians are LVTs or Assistants that will become LVTs within 1 year of employment.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following: (Other duties may be assigned.)

  • Patient Transport
  • Retrieving drop offs
  • Retrieving and performing tech appointments
  • Performing triages
  • Transferring patients to other areas of GCVS
  • Transferring patients to other departments of GCVS
  • Monitoring
  • Assess and record vitals
  • Monitor and record food and water intake and expulsion
  • Monitor and record urination and bowel movements
  • Monitor all alerts as indicated by the veterinarian
  • Round with other VTs, VAs, CPCs, CSTs, and doctors as needed
  • Notify the veterinarians if any alerts are out of normal range
  • Treatments
  • Administering medications
  • Induce, maintain and monitor anesthesia
  • Prepare patients for procedures; set up instrumentation and assist Oncologist during procedures
  • Provide supportive therapy to patients during procedures, recovery and post-procedures.
  • Administer and maintaining intravenous fluids
  • Oxygen supplementation
  • Bandage and wound care
  • Catheters
  • Placing and maintaining catheters
  • Peripheral
  • Central
  • Urinary
  • Sample Collection
  • Venous blood collection
  • Urine collection
  • Fecal collection
  • Soft Tissue collection
  • Perform lab tests
  • Janitorial
  • Stocking and cleaning in all common areas
  • Laundry
  • Washing dishes
  • Walking patients at their designated times
  • Refilling oxygen tanks
  • Clerical
  • Typing on a computer keyboard
  • Documenting legibly in patient records
  • Performing general function of the phone system

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Assist in triage as needed (must be accompanied by a trained technician until this skill has been mastered)
  • Obtain a TPR, blood pressure via Doppler, SpO2 via pulse oximetry, EKG, and assist in CVP
  • Calculate unit conversions, dosage amounts and drip rates
  • Administer oral, topical, ocular, SQ, IM, and IV medications
  • Assist in preparing continuous rate infusions
  • Assist in nebulization and coupage
  • Maintain IV catheters during fluid therapy
  • Prepare IV fluids with proper administration equipment, labels and additives as directed
  • Assist in preparing and monitoring transfusions as directed
  • Assist in preparing the different components of transfusions
  • Feed patients through PEG tube, E-tube, NG tube
  • Assist in preparing and maintaining PPN and TPN infusions
  • Collect blood via peripheral and jugular vein
  • Collect urine via expression and cystocentesis
  • Process and interpret laboratory tests such as PCV/TS, BG, AZO Stick, electrolytes, chemistries, CBC, heartworm tests, snap tests, etc.
  • Assist in processing and interpretation of blood typing and crossmatches
  • Place and secure cephalic and short saphenous IV catheters
  • Assist in placing of central line catheters and long stay saphenous catheters
  • Assist in placing urinary catheters for bladder expression and long tern use
  • Provide oxygen supplementation via hood, nasal, or cage delivery
  • Assist in delivery of oxygen supplementation via manual ventilation
  • Intubate in a sternal position
  • Observe and assist in CPR efforts
  • Apply and monitor bandages as directed
  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures, including word processing, designing forms, maintaining files, dictation and transcription, communicating via email, and the use of computer programs to manage and maintain client and patient information.
  • Knowledge of basic drug usages, generic and brand names, possible side effects/reactions for the more common drugs, and controlled substances protocol.
  • Knowledge of clinic procedures in support of streamlining patient care protocols and clients experiences with us.

Education and/or Experience:
High School diploma is required, Associates degree (A. A.) in animal technology or Bachelors is preferred along with current technical certification (RVT, CVT, LVT, CVA); or related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education / experience.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

Job Type: Full-time

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