Scrum Master

Company Details

Wipro Limited


Role Purpose

As a trained Scrum Master, you are responsible for facilitating aScrum team and are accountable for removing impediments of the team toachieve the sprint goals/deliverables. You are responsible to ensurethat the Scrum process is used as intended. A key part of your role isto protect the development team, allow the teams to be selfmanaged, foster collaboration across teams and keep them focused on thetasks at hand.


  • Is accountable for meeting Sprint objectives along with scrumteam
  • Ensure meeting of sprint commitment
  • Own and help resolve impediments of the team
  • Help PO adopt Scrum Process properly and ensure PO availability
  • Support the PO in maintaining the Product Backlog, definingUser Stories and Acceptance Criteria
  • Facilitate estimation, backlog refinement and all planningceremonies
  • Ensure that DOR, DOD, Acceptance criteria is available andadhered to
  • Ensure MoSCoW adherence of Sprint Backlog at the Sprint level
  • Accountable for the correct implementation of the Agile Process
  • Protect the team from external interference.
  • Facilitate technical assistance to the team and enables clearcommunication amongst the team members
  • Participate in Scrum of Scrum across teams and highlightsimpediments
  • Provide feedback on the team members performance to the AgileLine manager and Agile Program Leader
  • Facilitate all the Scrum Ceremonies (Planning, Daily Standup,Grooming, Demo, restrospection) and ensure correct adoption
  • Ensure updating of all Scrum artifacts
  • Ensure ALM tool (either client or Wipro) is updated on a dailybasis
  • Update key Scrum metrics into Wipro internal tool on a Sprint-by-Sprint basis
  • Analyse key Scrum metrics and take corrective actions
  • Create competency improvement and cross-skilling plan for theteam (by the start of the project). Review monthly and ensureimprovement in competency score. Ensure multiskilling for at least 50%of the team.
  • Help team attain stable velocity within 6-8 sprints (allowingfor 10% variation either way)
  • Train team on the proper adoption of Agile processes (Scrum /XP / Kanban)
  • Help in adoption of engineering practices like ATDD, TDD, CI,CD, Refactoring
  • Record and own the restrospection actions
  • Participate in community of practice initiatives
  • Provide inputs to the Line manager for internal quality forums(QIC / APR / QBR / MBR etc.)”

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