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Optima Care Fountains

Optima Care Fountains is currently seeking an experienced
Worker . This candidate will join a wonderful team and help create a collaborative and efficient workplace with attention to quality standards and policies. The social worker will work with residents in the LTC facility by identifying their psychosocial, mental and emotional needs along with providing, developing, and/or aiding in the access of services to meet those needs. This setting shall provide residents with the highest practical level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being and quality of life. The social worker should be hardworking, motivated, empathetic, positive, and eager to learn.

Social Worker Responsibilities:
    Deliver services to residents in accordance with standard operating procedures, standards of practice, state licensing, and federal agencies.
    Complete a social history and psychosocial assessment for each resident that identifies social, emotional, and psychological needs.
    Participate and lead interdisciplinary team and family meetings.
    Participate in the development of a written, interdisciplinary plan of care for each resident that identifies the psychosocial needs/issues of the resident, the goals to be accomplished for those needs/issues, and the appropriate social worker interventions.
    Coordinate the resident discharge planning process and make referrals for appropriate home care services prior to the resident’s return to the community.
    Develop, maintain and utilize a listing of current community resources that are useful to residents and their families/significant others.
    Understand and meet all government requirements for social service documentation.
    Document progress in meeting the psychosocial needs of residents.
    Work with the interdisciplinary team and administration to promote and protect resident rights and the psychological wellbeing of each resident. Prevent and address resident abuse as mandated by law and professional licensure.
    Ensure or provide therapeutic interventions to assist residents in coping with their transition and adjustment to a long-term care facility, including their social, emotional, and psychological needs.
    Ensure or provide support and education to residents/family members/significant others to assist in their understanding of placement and facility issues in addition to referring them to the appropriate social service agencies when the facility does not provide the needed services.
Social Worker Benefits:
    Competitive salary
    Medical & Dental Benefits
    Paid Time Off
    Opportunity for Growth

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