Software Engineer (SRE)


We have multiple needs for our Software Engineering team. These roles can be done remotely, and the compensation is at the top of the mark. Salary, Bonus, Stock, Sign-on Bonus ($40-80K). Total compensation is well above $200K DOE. There will be ample opportunities for growth in many areas: technology skills, leadership, mentorship, design, and more. The main purpose of this role is to increase product reliability without compromising development velocity. Priorities are guided by SLOs. SRE is seen as critical to helping Indeed continue to scale effectively. We’ve had aggressive growth over the past few years, and this growth shows no signs of slowing.

Site Reliability Engineer
(SRE) Position Overview:

  • The Site Reliability Engineering Team requires a mix of Software Engineering background and Systems Engineering.
  • Must be proficient in at least one programming language including (Java, .Net, Python, etc.)
  • Strong OOP/Full Life Cycle Software Development background.
  • Must be able to look for proper algorithms and code in proper SYNTAX (without help from IDE) Ability to walk through a runtime analysis? Be able to explain why your code is the best solution?
  • Must have a MINIMUM of 8+ years of Technical experience in a professional environment.


  • Ability to perform tasks of ranging from String of Strings, String in the list of strings, Hashmap, Nodes, Complex Trees, LinkList, ArrayList?
  • Can you keep a steady pace coding?
  • Understanding of space complexity analysis, the Big O notations, “runtime analysis, optimal data structure as you solve for corner cases & edge cases?” Are you able to get to the optimal solution – Algorithms and cod in proper syntax?
  • Experience with systems design
  • Expertise building an architecture platform and or done an architecture review

Production Environment

  • Mostly self-hosted: Some containers, some virtual machines, some bare metal. Moving toward Apache Mesos for everything. Production data centers on five continents.
  • Some public cloud for hyperelastic workloads and, in some cases, when latency between job seekers and public cloud is lower than other options
  • 85%+ Java-based servers. Also some Go, Python, Node.js. Nearly everything runs on CentOS.
  • Service-oriented architecture; most teams use microservices.
  • Most teams deploy several times per week; most teams moving toward CI/CD.
  • Puppet and Indeed-created solutions for config management

Hosting environment

  • Bare metal machines – but hosting our own on-site cloud-like environment using Apache Mesos
  • A lot of similarities to AWS, but self-hosted and using a variety of OSS and internal tools
  • Moving from Bare Metal Machines to AWS
  • Occasionally have Indeed employees on-site in data center maintaining our machines

If qualified, interested, and available (or know of somebody who is), please reply with an updated resume for immediate consideration to [email protected]

Bonnie Kutin
Comcentric Inc.
[email protected]

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